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Jewelry Care

All Jewelry Items Are Final Sale
Our Jewelry is only water proof/resistant. 

Using chemicals such as lotions, perfumes and etc are at your own risk of damaging your jewelry/ may not last long.
Jewelry Care:

For your jewelry to last longer please avoid the following:

Swimming Pools
Avoid excessive heat like saunas 
Exercising as it may cause friction, break and or rhinestones to fall
Cleaning/Doing dishes as it may cause friction, break and or rhinestones to fall
Rotate Different Jewelry for longer lasting
Keep in sealed OR dark container when not using 
Please ensure you are taking proper care of jewelry for longer lasting as they can last 3-6 years with the proper care OR may last less than a year/ a few months without it.
We are not responsible for what happens to the jewelry as it is up to you to have proper maintenance.